Work environment

Improve comfort levels and productivity in your office.

Thermal conditions, noise levels, and air quality all have great effect on our health and concentration, making them crucial factors to monitor at the workplace.

AmbiNode helps you quantify your work environment for thermal comfort, noise management, clean air and work safety.



AmbiNode helps you build a healthy home free of allergies.

With real-time information about the indoor air quality in your home, you can learn how to protect the household from harmful airborne particles and other invisible threaths.

Keep track of temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, VOCs and particulate matter and improve the health, sleep and comfort of yourself and your family.


Advanced sensor fusion

State-of-the-art sensors & sophisticated data analysis.

AmbiNode is designed to integrate a wide range of sensors to enable healthier homes and work places. Thanks to a modular hardware design we are able to offer tailor made solutions to fit your individual needs.

The software enables complete facility overview and management with focus on energy - comfort - health balance.

Our data science enables sense-making of sensors to provide you with actionable insights – not just data!


AmbiNode mobile apps

Insights at your fingertips.

We offer iOS and Android phone apps to provide insights, tips and notifications to end users. We can connect custom data sources, create tailor made brand experiences and enable plugging into an eco system of 3rd party providers if required.


Enterprise dashboard

Engage via our data driven interface & API.

AmbiNode offers a sophisticated front end - web based tool for you to measure, compare and analyse the data. We offer both real time analytics - to connect to alarms and remote triggers as well as historic analytics to look for patterns and tendencies.

Our solution is based on high resolution and high density of data, thus using advanced big data models to offer you a detailed bigger picture.


A world class IOT platform

A modern cloud enabled IoT platform offering rich features and versatile data models.

The Leapcraft cloud solution manages everything from pattern recognition, trends and analytics services, real-time monitoring and advisory services. Our solution can run fully on the cloud or on-premise based on your needs and policies. In addition we offer enterprise data pre-intergation.

We give due care to data security and protection. We help you generate data to various compliance needs for specific industry verticals - our redundant systems are designed to make sure you never loose any data and can offer transparent and accountable data for your regulatory compliance.


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